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Fichas: Edward y Bella // Bella
Fichas: Edward y Bella // Bella
Twilight (Crepúsculo)



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Ron en el dormitorio

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mildred lunatica
Offline mildred lunatica julina_lunatica at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 30-04-2005
Comentarios: 534
k lindo y simpatico
rupert me encanta por simpatico y ademas es muy lindo¡¡¡
05-07-2005 17:08

La nueva Gemela WEASLEY
Offline La nueva Gemela WEASLEY florilau786 at hotmail.com http://www.fotolog.com/lalita_13

Fecha de alta: 19-01-2005
Comentarios: 695
lo amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

es la persona mas hermosa del mundo, lo amoooooo, ademas me encanta como le queda el pelito largo
17-07-2005 20:33

se ve muy lindo pero odio su sueter
03-08-2005 22:20

Offline senya senya4 at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 13-08-2005
Comentarios: 3
rupert te aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooo
mi novio se ve muy lindo
14-08-2005 01:36

La nueva Gemela WEASLEY
Offline La nueva Gemela WEASLEY florilau786 at hotmail.com http://www.fotolog.com/lalita_13

Fecha de alta: 19-01-2005
Comentarios: 695
senya......rupert es mi novio!!!!!!
y nadie me lo toca!!!!!!! jaja;););)
28-08-2005 20:20

Offline Luly_Weasley hedwig at adinet.com.uy

Fecha de alta: 15-10-2005
Comentarios: 143
el sueter es de la peli
igual q los trofeos. Se ve muy bien
15-10-2005 23:41

Erika Black!
Offline Erika Black! ojolokoerika at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 01-12-2005
Comentarios: 204
Dios mio!!, tanta belleza junta
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! , Rupi!!!! , eres tan bello !!!! , mi amortiguador !!!!!!!!!
31-12-2005 00:28

patricia herrera m.
Offline patricia herrera m. yuta172 at latinmail.com

Fecha de alta: 19-10-2005
Comentarios: 1973
el es..........................
10-01-2006 21:36

carolina botto
Offline carolina botto carobotto8 at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 30-06-2005
Comentarios: 130
13-01-2006 22:57

Offline magu_weasley magubas at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 07-12-2005
Comentarios: 18
qe lindo plis! no ahi chico mas linduuu
bueno vien aqui para decirlesqe entren en el club de fans de rup!!!!!!!
si son verdaderas fans de el tendrian qe entrar no? ;)
agreguenme asi entran!
20-02-2006 14:36

Offline judith_krum_malfoy_potter judith_4_34 at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 16-01-2006
Comentarios: 5
tan lindo el
esta super wapo se ve hasta lindo con ese sueter fuera de onda
24-02-2006 18:38

norah alejandra
Offline norah alejandra norahalejandra at hotmail.com

Fecha de alta: 09-12-2005
Comentarios: 50
pero q lindo sale mi rup ahi, es un bonboncito, te amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooo , eres lo mas lindo de inglaterra y del mundo , como quisiera ser tan afortunada como emma , parece q dios se ha olvidado de algunas chicas y premia a emma trabajar con un angelito como tu
27-04-2006 19:42

Offline JulylovesRon

Fecha de alta: 29-08-2008
Comentarios: 305
Ay mi amor siempre te amaré
Dios eres el ser más bello q he visto en mi vida de gana t cortaste el pelo te quedaba tan full bien mudito mudito mudito jajaja no mentira igual te amo y te adoro no t preocupes sigue triunfando y siendo buen actor!!! RUP Y JULY!!! JEJEJE
02-10-2008 23:59

Offline ainiyess

Fecha de alta: 19-09-2010
Comentarios: 9
Wei Wenjun legendary Fat family history has provoked much discussion by peers, a number of versions, he also forthrightly: "Actually I was born the toilet brush."

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God's grace
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Road is a ruthless but affectionate
maple story mesos,
Then one night, maple story mesos Luo boss who seek to talk to him, the boss confided to talk about himself. It turned out that he is Master of Philosophy origin, first came to Shenzhen's first job turned out to clear the water pipes, forged a bond with the toilet. Because he was spotted in Shenzhen city of immigrants decoration market this blank, then start down the shelf to clear the toilet scholar's work to, and thus he saved the business a "pot of gold."
He added: "I'm actually a kind of relentless and enthusiastic and I hope you learned a lesson in suffering with the proceeds!" Finally, about the "Bible" in the "Matthew Effect": the so-called strong get stronger and weak, a person who has been successful, what good will to find his head. Men Suddenly in Black stand the world, should not be complaining, people are their own worst enemy ah!
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Competence is the ability to tolerate
flyff penya,
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After Wei Wenjun was promoted to art director, responsible for the artistic effect for the 3D drawing checks. His monthly salary was added to 20,000, and another year-end commission. Back to my own company a year ago, also for brushing horse figurines, Wei Wenjun of emotions.
Two years later, with the accumulation of 500,000 yuan Wei Wenjun opened a decoration company of their own. Previous "custom" is different is that workers become owners of old iron with buddy child, Wei Yijun Luo boss into deep feelings with friends.
Revisit that part of past events, Wei Wenjun said it is the experience of God, toilet brush, "the negative of grace", he will hold a grateful heart to look at the story. He told us that a successful "secret" --- the so-called capability, is the ability to be patient!
19-09-2010 22:03

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