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The golden Jordan Brand retro releases will continue this upcoming weekend despite the 2016 Summer Olympics officially coming to an end yesterday. Up next to get the golden treatment is the Air Jordan 11.Since Jordan 1 it is still Summer, Jordan Brand decided to go with the Air Jordan 11 Low for this release as the shoe is covered in a White tumbled leather upper that is beautifully contrasted by a Jordan 14 Metallic Gold patent leather mudguard that is representative of victory during the Olympic games. Additional gold hits have been added on the branding on the tongue and heel while a Black inner liner adds some Cheap Jordans more contrast. An icy blue outsole wraps up this retro release that is scheduled to release on August 27th for $170. Kids sizing in 3.5Y – 7Y will also be available and will retail for Jordan 12 $130.Click and bookmark our official Air Jordan 11 Low Metallic Gold (Closing Ceremony) launch page now for even more imagery, info and release details.
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